My New Personal Geocoin...

      My New Personal Geocoin...

      Hello all.
      I have not shown this to many people yet, so please do not share on Facebook.

      For the last couple of months, I've been working on making a personal geocoin. It is going to be my "signature" coin, with my name on it, plus a horror/supernatural theme. For anyone that knows of it, the coins has themes from the Cthulhu stories.

      I have photos of the samples, and have placed the order for the main run of coins. I wanted to share them with you. So... Here it is. My first coin.

      Pan314159 Cthulhu Geocoin

      Here's another picture showing the other editions.

      The Green/Purple are two sides of the same coin - that's my main coin. The three below it on the second picture are different colours/versions/editions, so there are 4 editions of the coin in total. The one in the middle on the bottom row is glow-in-the-dark, and the one on the right on the bottom row is day-glow neon. Two are Gold and two are Silver.

      I hope you like it. Please bear in mind these are just photos I was sent of sample coins, and please let me know what you think.

      Edit: I forgot to say, it will also have it's own icon on the geocaching website.
      Hello Pan
      thank you very much for the front up Information you gave us here.
      I recommend, for more advertising your first personal geocoin, you should also post in the US Forum, if you wish to get more attention on your first personal geocoin.
      I wish you a great demand and a great sucess
      Viele Grüße :thumbup:

      My coins have arrived!

      My first personal geocoin is finally done, and they have been delivered! It's the first coin I've designed/made. It's the same design but in four different editions/colours and I'm very happy with them. :)

      Not for sale. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them yet. The purple/green glitter "PanPi Edition" is the normal one (although all is in small numbers). There are two editions in much smaller numbers; the glow in the dark "Fallout Edition" and the day-glow "Neon Edition". The fourth is the white "Ghost Edition" - that one I'm calling my "AE".

      Being my first coin it took a while to sort out, but now that they're here I'm very happy. :D

      The symbology on it is Cthulhu themed, plus a couple of other bits that are related.